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Art flows through my fingers Art flows through my fingers

Rated 4 / 5 stars

That's an extremely interesting and unique way to approach the topic! I like what you've done very much. Maybe be a little more descriptive in the author's comments. I wasn't able to see what were going for immediately. Either that or

Still, this is fantastic. There were only a few reasons that I didn't give you five stars. If you care about my opinion, send me a message or something (I don't know how newgrounds works). I normally try to explain what I see and give people advice, but this is an ongoing competition. I don't want to seem like I'm trying to detract from your odds of winning.

Best of luck! I'll be entering too, assuming I remember to work on my project, haha!

Neraksel responds:


First of all thank you. I tried to think in a different direction then most people, i suppose. :)
Can't go any more traditional then a tattoo, i think. Then the 'art' the 'creativity' flows through my fingers to the digital medium, my computer. You can think about it as a literal thing, you see it flow through my fingers onto the screen, but you can also see this as figurative way, cause when i draw, art flows out of my hand and fingers since i'm the artist.

This is just my way of seeing it, i mostly don't like to tell too much about my ideas, since people are free to interpret this however they like.

Hope this makes any sence :)